NYCDSC Council Days 2016-2017 


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February 2017
Feb 2ThursdayJay Peak & Burke$37 
Feb 3FridayKillington/Pico


Feb 3FridayJay Peak & Burke$37
Feb 4SaturdayKillington/Pico$50/$41
Feb 4SaturdayJay Peak & Burke$45
Feb 5 SundayKillington/Pico$50/$41
Feb 5SundayJay Peak & Burke$45
Feb 6MondayKillington/Pico$45/$36
Feb 6-11Multi-dayBolton Valley$35
Feb 9ThursdayGore$42
Feb 8-10Multi-dayStowe$46Specials
Feb 10FridayMt Snow$49
Feb 10FridayAttitash & Wildcat$40
Feb 11SaturdayAttitash & Wildcat$45
Feb 11SaturdayMt Snow$57
Feb 12SundayPlattekill$30.50That's 1/2 price
Feb 12SundayAttitash & Wildcat$35
Feb 12SundayOak Mtn$28Juniors 6-12 $18
Feb 12SundayMt Snow$52
Feb 12SundayOkemo$54
Feb 13-16Multi-daysMt Snow$37
Feb 25SaturdayBelleayre$38
Feb 26SundayHunter$49
Feb 27MondayHunter$40
March 2017
Mar 3FridayOkemo$46
Mar 4SaturdayOkemo$51
Mar 5SundayOkemo$49
Mar 5SundayWhiteface$42
Mar 6MondayWhiteface$42Junior 6-12 $18
Mar 6MondayGore$42
Mar 10FridayMt Snow$49
Mar 10FridayKillington/Pico$45/$36
Mar 11SaturdayKillington/Pico$50/$41
Mar 11 SaturdayMt Snow$57
Mar 12SundayKillington/Pico$50/$41
Mar 12 SundayOak Mtn$28Juniors 6-12 $18
Mar 12SundayMt Snow$52
Mar 13MondayKillington/Pico$45/$36
Mar 17FridayAttitash & Wildcat$17St Patricks Day
Mar 18SaturdayAttitash & Wildcat$45
Mar 19SundayAttitash & Wildcat$35
Mar 19SundayBelleayre$38
Mar 19SundayStratton$53
Mar 20MondayBelleayre$38
Mar 20-26Multi-daysBolton Valley$35
Mar 23ThursdayJay Peak & Burke$37
Mar 24FridayJay Peak & Burke$37
Mar 25SaturdayOkemo$46
Mar 25SaturdayGore$42
Mar 26SundayGore$42
Mar 26Sunday Okemo$46
Mar 26SundayHunter$39
Mar 27MondayHunter$30
Mar 30ThursdayWhiteface$42
Mar 31FridayWhiteface$42
APRIL 2017
April 7-9Multi-daysStowe$46
April 7FridayKillington$43

*Specials offered to Council Members

Plattekill discounts

Stowe Discounts

Hunter Specials

Windham Specials

CatamountSki Specials

West Mountain-Anytime $20 4 hour ticket non-holiday

Ski Butternut Discounts and Specials

Maple Ski Ridge Mid-week Specials

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New York Capital District Ski Council

 NYCDSC Council Days 2016-2017 


​Please check back!

December 2016
VariousVariousSki Butternut$20/$40Special Discounts
VariousVariousWest Mountain$20

4-hour ticket

Weekdays & Non-Holiday

Dec 2-4Multi-daysStowe$46Multi day discounts
Dec 3SaturdayGore$422-day $74
Dec 4SundayGore$42
Dec 4-5Sunday-MondayWhiteface$42
Dec 9FridayStratton$53
Dec 11SundayStratton$53
Dec 11-12Saturday-SundayBelleayre$38
Dec 12-16Multi daysBolton Valley$35
Dec 15-16Thursday-FridayMt Snow$37
Dec 16FridayKillington$45
Dec 17SaturdayKillington$50
Dec 17SaturdayMt Snow$42
Dec 17SaturdayOkemo$51
Dec 18SundayKillington$50
Dec 18SundayOak Mtn$28$18 Juniors (6-12)
Dec 18SundayOkemo$46
Dec 18SundayMt Snow$37
Dec 18SundayHunter$49
Dec 19Monday Hunter$40
Dec 19MondayKillington$45
Dec 22ThursdayGore$422-day $74
Dec 23FridayGore $42
January 2017
Jan 2-6Monday-FridaySugarbush$52
Jan 5ThursdayAttitash & Wildcat$35
Jan 6FridayAttitash & Wildcat$35
Jan 6FridayWhiteface$42
Jan 7-8Saturday-SundayJay Peak & Burke$45
Jan 7SaturdaySugarbush$58
Jan 7SaturdayAttitash & Wildcat$45
Jan 8SundayAttitash & Wildcat$35
Jan 8SundayOak Mtn$28Junior 6-12 $18
Jan 8SundayHunter$49
Jan 8SundayPlattekill$30.50 That's 1/2 price
Jan 8SundaySugarbush$52
Jan 9MondayHunter$40
Jan 11-13Multi daysStowe$46Specials
Jan 9-13Multi daysBolton Valley$35
Jan 12MondayGore$42
Jan 13 FridayStratton$53
Jan 16Monday Oak Mtn$28Juniors 6-12 $18
Jan 20FridayOkemo$49
Jan 20FridayKillington/Pico$45/$36
Jan 21SaturdayKillington/Pico$50/$41
Jan 22SundayOkemo$54
Jan 23MondayKillington/Pico$45/$36
Jan 27FridayOkemo$49
Jan 28SaturdayBelleayre$38
Jan 28-29Saturday-SundayJay Peak & Burke$45
Jan 28SaturdayHunter$49
Jan 29SundayHunter$40
Jan 30MondayWhiteface$42